Historical Amsterdam Curated

Historical Amsterdam Curated

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Visit a canal house

Visit a canal house Exclusive offer during the Canal Ring Architecture Walk Book this tour You’re invited Historical Amsterdam Tours and cultural heritage foundation Hendrick

Top 5 videos of quiet Amsterdam

Professional photographers and filmmakers saw a unique opportunity: to capture the capital during its most quiet times in history. Videos of quiet Amsterdam.

Amsterdam on fire!

A reconstruction of Amsterdam in the late middleages, before the big fires in the 1400s.

Top 5 Longreads about Amsterdam

We keep warming you up for a visit. Here is a top five of interesting newspaper articles. A selection of longreads about Amsterdam.

Coming of age – Amsterdam 1345-1421

Between the mid-1300s and a century later Amsterdam was ‘coming of age’. In this blog we talk about the success factors of Medieval Amsterdam.

Top 5 podcasts, vlogs and video diaries

Here is a list of the Top 5 sources of local listening material: podcasts, vlogs and a video diary about the narrative of the city, the country and its art.

The Miracle of Amsterdam

Every year, on one weekend in mid-March around midnight, large groups of people march through the oldest streets of Amsterdam. The shops on the Kalverstraat

The Cog seal

It takes a trained eye to recognise them everywhere in the city. The seal of Amsterdam. Why a ship? Who are the people depicted on

Top 5 tall buildings in Amsterdam before 1950

Although Amsterdam never was a city known for an obsession with the perpendicular, the city had an impressive skyline since the late Renaissance. From the 17th century until the 19th century Amsterdam’s skyline had an uniquely harmonious look, which was the result of one architect

Gijsbrecht van Amstel

The successful but young city of Amsterdam needed the narrative of a glorious past. Joost van den Vondel found it with his Gijsbrecht van Amstel.

Top 5 Amsterdam by night

The days are shortening during the last months of the year. A good moment to explore Amsterdam by night. How wonderful the city can be

Birth certificate of Amsterdam

The First Amsterdammer

The first document mentioning Amsterdam  – dated 1275 – marks the end of the pre-historical unwritten story of the city. How did Amsterdam look, just

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